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Megan Wallis

Megan Wallis

Megan Wallis

Licensed Insolvency Practitioner

About Megan

Having joined Bates Weston after A levels, Megan trained at Bates Weston, qualified in general practice and specialised in insolvency. 

When asked why she chose to specialise in insolvency she admits to an organised, investigative mind. The nature of her work necessitates a tenacious approach, but balanced by empathy and an understanding of the often difficult circumstances clients are facing when seeking her guidance.

Megan in a nutshell

Personable, practical, with good instincts.

What matters to her

Family, career, travel, skiing, gardening and swimming.

Qualifications & sector experience

A licensed insolvency practitioner, FCCA qualified, experienced in all aspects of personal and corporate insolvency.