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Payroll and autoenrolment

If you are a limited company, you probably have employees paid through PAYE and as such you are required to sort out a workplace pension, otherwise known as autoenrolment.

The basics of autoenrolment are that you will need to review/set up a pension scheme; enrol eligible staff; ensure deductions from salary and all employer contributions are correct and complete a Declaration of Compliance to tell the Pensions Regulator that you have followed all the autoenrolment steps.

Autoenrolment goes hand in hand with your payroll system – so you have a number of options:-

OPTION 1: You can get a quote from our Payroll and Autoenrolment service

Consider letting Bates Weston’s payroll team take care of your Payroll and autoenrolment for you.

We currently take care of more than 300 Payrolls for companies with 2 staff up to those with more than 350 employees. We not only make sure our clients comply with all payroll legislation, PAYE, National Insurance, Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Maternity Pay, tax credits, student loans and court order deductions, but we also ensure compliance with autoenrolment.

Our fees for our payroll and autoenrolment service are very competitive, and if you would like a no obligation quote, please contact Glyn Evans on 01332 365855 or and he will arrange it.

OPTION 2: Continue with your present payroll arrangements and ensure that you are fully conversant with all regulations that apply to aoutoenrolment.

You can access guidance and avice through ourselves or The Pensions Regulator.