Tax. Getting this right is one of the biggest challenges you face, as a business and as an individual. We can help.

What else is in this section?

How can we help you today?

How can we help you today?

Your business is central to your life.  Its success affects your lifestyle, your family and your retirement.

Early tax planning can help you attract and retain the right people, fund innovation, plan for expansion and ultimately for succession as well as maintaining your lifestyle now and in retirement for you and your dependents.

It can sound complex, but at its heart, we just need to talk to you.

Once we understand your plans, both commercial and personal, we can use our deep understanding of tax planning to develop solutions for you. We will help you evaluate them and put them into practice.

Who are we?

Bates Weston Tax LLP is a specialist tax advisory practice, focussed on the needs of the growth driven entrepreneur. The team comprises Craig Simpson, Richard Coombs, Graham Buckell and Vanessa Johnson.  Together they amass a frightening amount of years of tax expertise, with proven track records in effective tax planning for owner managed businesses.

We’ve given you a little snapshot of each of them on the website, but to get a real idea of whether you could work with us, you’re going to need to meet us. Just give us a call and we can arrange an informal, no strings attached, get together.

Start by calling Craig Simpson on 01332 365855 or email at