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Tax investigations service

What would you do if the tax man started asking you questions? 

HMRC is intent on increasing the amount of cash received from enquiries.  A more aggressive approach, greater powers than ever before and a far more severe penalty regime all mean that not only are the numbers of enquiries increasing but they are also more time consuming for clients and their accountants to deal with. 

If as a Bates Weston client, you are unfortunate enough to be the subject of an enquiry, Bates Weston can help you reduce the stress, time and cost involved through joining our Tax Investigations Service. This Service is backed by an insurance policy Bates Weston LLP have taken out in our own name and which will settle our costs in the event you are selected by HMRC. 

Follow the links for more information on the Service, which sets out the types of enquiries covered, some of the main exclusions and answers to frequently asked questions. 

For more details of the costs of subscribing to our Service and  how to subscribe, please contact your usual Bates Weston partner. 01332 365855.