“The race of mankind would perish did they cease to aid each other. We cannot exist without mutual help.” Sir Walter Scott.

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The hallmarks of an effective charity and how we can help

According to the Charities Commission the hallmarks of an effective charity are as follows:

  • Clear about its purpose and direction.
  • A strong board – right balance of skills and experience, acts in the best interests of the charity, understands its responsibilities and has systems in place to exercise them properly.
  • Fit for purpose – its structures, policies and procedures achieve its purposes and deliver its services efficiently.
  • Learning and improving – finding new and better ways of delivering its purposes. Assessing performance and impact of its work to feed into planning process and future direction.
  • Financially sound and prudent.
  • Accountable and transparent – accountable to the public and other stakeholders in a way that is transparent and understandable.

How can we help you meet these hallmarks?

We can ensure that you are financially sound and prudent, accountable and transparent through rigorous adherence to the Companies Act 2006, the Charities SORP and the Charities Acts 1993 – 2011.

Being responsible for the governance of the Charity and its assets relies on a strong board and adequate systems. One such system is a rigorous audit process, which spotlights operating procedures and looks for efficiencies.

We look to share our experience of working with charities to make sure you are technically compliant, timely and tax effective.

Bates Weston currently acts for more than 20 registered charities who are publicly or grant funded, some of whom have been clients in excess of 35 years. In addition to our accountancy and audit services, our specialist tax teams can provide guidance in respect of effective tax planning issues such as VAT and Gift Aid. We can also assist with the production of specific ad hoc reports requested by grant providers. 

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