No one likes to talk about it. But we really should. What happens to your family if you became ill, were unable to work or died unexpectedly? What would happen to your business?

There are a wide range of insurance products designed to provide protection. The most common policies include life assurance, critical illness and income protection.

There are others that are more specific to business owners. Keyman insurance, protects your business from the death or illness of a key employee. In the event of the death of a shareholder or business partner, protection is available that allows the surviving shareholders/partners to purchase the deceased’s interest in the business.

These arrangements are often complex. Our experts can help you assess the level of protection required and recommend solutions, within the appropriate tax and trust structures.

BW Financial Services Ltd (BWFS) is a joint venture between Bates Weston & Boolers. Bates Weston specialises in taking care of business owners and Boolers is one of the UK’s largest leading independent firms of Chartered Financial Planners. BW Financial Services Ltd, firm number 189042, is an appointed representative of David Booler & Company, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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