Inheritance tax

Our best advice on Inheritance Tax? Don’t put it off any longer.
For busy people, especially business owners, inheritance tax (IHT) planning can be way down the “to do” list. Where your assets include your business, share portfolios, property investments, family home and cash deposits even the thought of IHT planning can be overwhelming. We can help. And the sooner the better.

Too often, we come across situations where IHT has become an issue. Situations that would have been avoidable with proper planning.

An IHT review will look at your current position and suggest ways you can improve it. One common assumption is that shares in a business owner’s private company will be exempt from IHT, but the courts are littered with tax cases where this is not the case.  With planning, this problem can be avoided.

From simple suggestions regarding gifts or IHT friendly investments to the use of more complex structures such as family investment companies or even restructuring your business to ensure that it qualifies for IHT relief, we can ensure that your IHT position is as tax efficient as possible.

To minimise your exposure to IHT, talk to us.


This guidance is generic in nature and does not constitute advice. You should take no action based upon it without consulting ourselves or your own professional advisor.

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