Family offices

Coordinating your lawyers, financial advisors and accountants to provide tax efficient management of your family’s wealth.

If your family is substantially wealthy, you may need the help of several specialist professional service firms. Are your objectives being lost in translation? Who has clarity and oversight of the whole picture?

If this responsibility is yours, we can help. We offer wealthy families a service built on our considerable experience. We will advise you on all tax related matters and co-ordinate with city or local financial advisors and lawyers – with whom we work closely – to offer you a one-stop solution.

Developing strong relationships with the families we act for is key. They appreciate our commitment and our focus on service delivery. Several have asked for Family Constitutions to be drawn up, ensuring the longer-term objectives are fully understood, communicated and implemented.

If your family has recently become wealthy, often as a result of selling a business, you may be asking “what is next?”  We can help. We will develop and implement a strategy for managing your family’s wealth, partnering with other strong advisors in this field.

Call us, without obligation and in confidence, to discuss your family’s circumstances and to see how we can help.

This guidance is generic in nature and does not constitute advice. You should take no action based upon it without consulting ourselves or your own professional advisor.


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