Buying a business

We can help you to get the right business at the right price to meet your company’s strategic growth objectives.

Acquisitions can generate rapid business growth, create efficiencies, increase market share or open new markets. Our process begins with understanding your objectives, business, industry, market and your plans for growth.

Curiosity satisfied, we tailor our approach to you, but in outline it includes:

  • Creating a shortlist of targets, unless you already have one in mind. Considering whether you need to buy a company outright, a part of a company or its trade and assets
  • Identifying and approaching targets and beginning discussions with vendors
  • Providing an independent valuation
  • Discussing and agreeing deal with vendors
  • Handling deal negotiation
  • Creating offer documents and structuring advice
  • Business planning and fundraising, liaising with banks
  • Due diligence
  • Managing the transaction through to successful legal completion

Key to a successful deal is regular communication and coordinated advice particularly understanding the tax implications of the transaction for you and your business. We work alongside our Tax Advisory team, to make sure the personal and commercial implications are fully considered.



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