Check the facts before you commit to buying a business. We will report to you on the issues that matter, so that your investment decisions are fully informed.

You can rely on us to analyse and evaluate the purchase you are considering. We begin by agreeing the scope of the work you would like us to do. You may direct us to investigate specific areas of interest and we will suggest other areas for inclusion.

Communication is key to the process. We are happy to extend our scope if you need it and if we spot any “red flag” issues we will report those to you immediately rather than waiting until our full report is compiled.

Once complete, we will explain our findings clearly, and if supplementary follow up reports are required, we will prepare them.

We will tailor our analysis to suit your requirements, but here is an idea of the issues we often consider:

  • Strategic fit – ability of the target to deliver strategic objectives
  • Financial – underlying historical trends, reasonableness of forecasts and projections
  • Controls – the effectiveness of the financial control system
  • IT – potential integration issues
  • HR – people issues, pre and post acquisition
  • Integration


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