Financial Accounts

Legally you have to have annual accounts. So if all accountants are experienced and qualified, how do you decide who is right for you and your business?

We suggest you think about what your business needs today, and what might change in the future. Make sure that you won’t need to change accountants as you grow, that they ‘re on your wavelength and that you can work well together.

Right now, you may just need to get your annual accounts done. That’s a great start. We will prepare the right accounts for your business and make sure they are filed with the right parties. But that historic snapshot is just the beginning.  Useful as it is for banks, investors and shareholders, we see it as an opportunity to put your business under the spotlight.

Numbers are just numbers. What they mean for your business in the important part. We look for trends, spot possible issues, consider your plans and answer the “so what?” questions.

We want to work with you to make your business a success. We want you to use us as a sounding board, throughout the year, for all your financial questions. Don’t worry about the fee. We work on a fixed fee basis. The clock doesn’t run as soon as you pick up the phone. In fact, if we can answer your query in 30 mins or less there are no additional charges. If we think it will take more time than that to fix your issue, we will tell you so, and give you an idea of the likely additional costs involved before we start. No surprises.

If you would like a quote for the preparation of your annual statements, whether you’re a business owner, sole trader, partnership, charity or school, please do get in touch.



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