R&D Tax credits

Fund innovation in your business. Make sure you claim tax relief on qualifying research & development costs.

We find many companies are not claiming this valuable relief. It can be worth up to 230% of the money you have invested in eligible R & D this year, and what’s more, you can claim R & D relief on expenditure that is up to three years old.

If you are thinking this relief doesn’t apply to you, think again. It is not just technology companies that can claim the relief. If all three statements below sound like your business, chances are you will be able to claim the relief.

  • My company attempts to develop new technology, not just use it. We fail sometimes as what we were trying was surprisingly technically difficult to achieve
  • My company tries to make measurable, objective and significant improvements to the design and implementation of its products
  • When faced with a challenging technical problem, my company uses internal, qualified and experienced staff to design the solution, using sub-contractors to perform easily defined and non-challenging tasks

More details on R & D tax credits

Simply put, ask yourself “have we improved anything?” If the answer is yes, talk to us.

Call Craig Simpson or Richard Coombs on 01332 365855 or email craigs@batesweston.co.uk or richardc@batesweston.co.uk to discuss your circumstances and see f you could reclaim cash back on your R & D.


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