Reorganisations & restructures

Your business structure is central to managing risk and asset protection.

From a holding company through to complex group structures we advise on combining, splitting up, and separating property and surplus profits from trading companies.

This area is a complex minefield and one where a safe pair of hands in required. As your business develops and surplus profits are to be invested, your business structure may need to change. We keep a watchful eye on your business, on its structure and its tax status to make sure you are able to rely on available tax reliefs in the future.

Over the life cycle of your business, its structure often expands to meet growing business and investment requirements. Knowing how to change the structure, without triggering tax charges is vital.

Some of the common problems which companies face are how to simplify a group structure, how to separate two businesses or how to remove a particular asset from an existing company.  There are various methods of achieving this, but one of the safest and most tax efficient methods is to use what is known as a “demerger”.  This is a particular area of expertise within Bates Weston Tax and there is a whole section of our website devoted to it here.

Speak to us about your structure to ensure it is fit for purpose.


This guidance is generic in nature and does not constitute advice. You should take no action based upon it without consulting ourselves or your own professional advisor.


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