Employee spotlight

Sinead McNamara, Relationship Manager

“I joined Bates Weston as a graduate trainee, and now I’m a manager.”

“I’m happy here, I’ve made long lasting friendships, and enjoy organising social events. From lunches and nights out to netball tournaments, we all like to mingle and the office is a 5-minute walk from the town centre.

I was supported throughout my training, and the quality of the on-the- job training and the external training was excellent.

I’ve been able to get lots of experience with all kinds of clients, from audit clients to sole traders and everything in between. I like to figure out what their issues might be and come up with ways to solve them. It might be the first time they’ve come up against a particular problem, but I’ve usually helped someone through something similar before. And if I haven’t, someone here has!

Bates Weston suits me. I know everyone, I get to know my clients really well, my work is really varied, and I have plenty of opportunities to develop my career.”

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