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New fundraising rules

The fundraising sections of the Charities Protection and Social Investment Act came into force in November of 2016. There are two new requirements that trustees and senior management should be aware of.

  • where a charity (registered or unregistered) uses a professional fundraiser or commercial participator to raise funds, new terms must be included with the compulsory written agreement, already required between the two parties, that cover:
    • details of any voluntary regulatory fundraising scheme or standard that the commercial organisation undertakes to be bound by
    • how the organisation will protect the public from unreasonable intrusion, persistent approaches or undue pressure; and
    • how compliance with the agreement will be monitored
  • those registered charities that have to have their accounts audited also have to include the following additional information regarding fundraising in their trustees’ annual report:
    • approach to fundraising
    • work with, and oversight of, any commercial participators or professional fundraisers
    • fundraising conforming to recognised standards
    • fundraising complaints, and
    • protection of the public from unreasonable intrusion, persistent approaches or undue pressure

The Fundraising Regulator and The Charity Commission for England and Wales have jointly developed guidance on how charities will be affected by these provisions.

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