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Trusts and estates

As property values continue to rise, many of us, who had previously considered estate planning as the concern of the very wealthy, must now plan to protect our wealth, ensuring that it can be passed from generation to generation, whilst minimising the tax burden.

The earlier you consider this issue, the greater your chances of taking full advantage of the tax opportunities available, maximising the amount your beneficiaries will receive. It is equally important that you make adequate provision for yourself and your spouse in your later years. Striking this balance requires that we have an in depth understanding of your circumstances and goals, as well as detailed knowledge of the tax regime.

Here at Bates Weston, whatever your circumstances, our trusts and estate expert can help you plan effectively for the future.

We can help you :-

  • Advise on structuring an estate to maximise use of reliefs such as business property relief and agricultural property relief
  • Assess the merits of establishing trusts from a family and tax perspective, taking into account related issues such as capital gains tax, inheritance tax and income tax.
  • Plan and administer a trust
  • Transfer assets into trust
  • Arrange adequate life assurance to cover potential inheritance tax liabilities
  • Make full use of exemptions and lower tax rates on lifetime transfers
  • Optimising lifetime transfers between spouses
  • Provide advice to beneficiaries and trustees on tax issues arising when they receive assets or income from a trust
  • Prepare a will and if appropriate act as executors
  • Facilitate probate

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