Tax. Getting this right is one of the biggest challenges you face, as a business and as an individual. We can help.

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Bespoke VAT training

Would you like someone to help you or your team through the VAT and Customs duty maze? 

If the answer to that is “Yes, but then I’d like to be able to deal with it confidently myself in the future”, then you might like to consider our specialist VAT and Duty training service.

VAT and Duty Training Services

We can provide the specialist knowledge to review your current arrangements but we can also provide bespoke VAT training, specifically designed for your firm and the market in which you operate. VAT and Customs Duty are not “one size fits all” topics and general training is usually too broad to be of real value to an organisation. Our bespoke training will give you and your staff the knowledge you need to confidently deal with your own unique VAT accounting position.

Our training:

  • Is tailored to the specific activities of your team
  • Addresses the likely VAT and Duty issues and opportunities that should be considered by your business.
  • Provides CPD points
  • Is carried out at your premises reducing lost working hours and avoiding travel costs

How much does a bespoke VAT or Duty Training Course Cost? 

We charge a fee of £750 plus VAT for a bespoke half day VAT or Duty training course. Unlike many providers this fee is charged irrespective of the number of individuals attending. We are also happy to take ad hoc queries after the course and charge no fee for an initial consultation. 

Call us now for a no obligation discussion on how we could help your business, 01332 365855 or email