Chris Jones

About Chris

Ask around the office about Chris and you’ll get the idea that he’s a driven professional that absolutely gets results.

And that, as a Corporate Financier – is no bad thing. He will champion his client’s cause, and get them the best possible result as a matter of personal pride.

As a professional, you could not put your faith in a more determined character. But Chris does not rely on steely determination alone. He combines business acumen with an eye for spotting commercial synergies to generate significant business opportunities for clients.

As a result he has established a reputation in the region as a leading finance advisor.

On a lighter note, he’s a football and cricket fan, with a well – developed sense of humour. Well you’d have to have a sense of humour to support Stoke City FC!

Chris in a nutshell

Results driven, ambitious, motivated.

What matters to him

Family and friends, his clients, results, sports and classic cars.

Qualifications & sector experience

ACA qualified with over 20 years experience in speciality healthcare, engineering, ceramics, insurance, distribution and manufacturing.

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