R & D tax credits can be worth up to 230% of the money you have invested in eligible R & D this year and what’s more, you can claim R & D relief on expenditure that’s up to three years old.

If you can answer yes to all three of the following questions you may well be able to claim R & D tax credits.

  • My company attempts to develop new technology, as opposed to just using it. We fail sometimes for technical reasons, as what we were trying was surprisingly difficult to achieve.
  • I would say that my company tries to make measurable, objective and significant improvements to the design and implementation of its products.
  • When faced with a challenging technical problem, my company uses internal, qualified and experienced staff to design the solution, using sub-contractors to perform easily defined and non-challenging tasks.

You may be thinking this relief may not apply to you, but it is worth speaking with us on this subject. Our specialists speak “science” not accounting to make sure we unearth robust, defensible claims.

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