Our tax team have prepared a Bates Weston Company Tax Planning Guide  to help you and your business get through the Covid-19 crisis and emerge, ready to respond to the challenges ahead.

We know that every decision you take has an impact on your own or your company’s tax position and it is important that you take a coordinated approach. The tax system is complex. Decisions can have far reaching and – without the right advice –  unforeseen, consequences.

But we thrive on unravelling the complex. We will work with you to consider your goals, your options and their tax consequences.

Here’s a snapshot of the contents of our guide. We will be covering each section in our blog posts but if you would like to skip ahead, you can read the guide here.

  • Cash is King
  • Structure is Key
  • Reorganise to survive where necessary
  • Prioritise asset protection
  • Employee retention
  • Director and shareholder remuneration strategies
  • Keeping a watchful eye on trading status
  • Tax planning for the end

Cassandra Graham, Senior Tax Manager at Bates Weston, and author of the guide comments:

“It’s a good idea to regularly take stock of your personal and corporate circumstances and to explore the tax planning options that can help achieve your goals proactively rather than being reactive. We have seen that the Covid-19 crisis has focused the mind of many clients who want to ensure their business structure is fit for purpose and their assets and are protected as well as assisting some through accelerated exits to ensure there are no tax pitfalls along the way.’

If you would like to talk to our tax team about any aspect of tax planning, please do get in touch.