Eat Out to Help Out- here’s what we know so far.

If your business sells food for immediate consumption on your premises, has a dining area for eat in meals and was registered as a food business with your Local Authority on or before 7 July, you can register to participate in the scheme from 13 July.

Here’s how. Amongst other things, you will need Government Gateway ID and password, UK bank account number & sort code for the business that accepts BACS payments and if applicable your VAT registration number and PAYE scheme reference number. You may also need your Corporation Tax or Self-Assessment unique taxpayer reference.

Unfortunately, HMRC does not permit agents to act for you with regards to registering or making claims under this scheme, but if you need any of the above information to register, your agent should be able to help. If you are already a Bates Weston client, please do get in touch if you need our help.

Each individual establishment must be registered separately, unless you have more than 25, in which case you may provide a link to a website if it provides details of each address.

After registering on 13 July, you will receive a registration reference number. Once you have registered you may offer discounts from 3 August. You must offer discounts throughout your opening hours on eligible days and on all qualifying sales of food and drink.

Importantly, you must keep daily records of the total number of people who have used the scheme, the total value of transactions under the scheme and the total amount of discounts you have given.

Making a claim:

Full details are not yet available, but the service you will use to claim reimbursement from HMRC will be available on 7 August. At the moment we know:

  • You must wait 7 days from registration to make your first claim. Claim will be paid by HMRC within 5 working days
  • You will submit claims on a weekly basis
  • You will still pay VAT based on the full amount of the customers’ bills
  • Any money received through the scheme is treated as taxable income


We will provide more information as we receive it.

In the meantime, if you need our help, please do get in touch.